What if I spent more time on…

Today I met someone at Annenberg. She is one of the 13 people in my class doing the Harvard-Berklee dual degree program. I told her I always wondered what if I had spent more time on music? Even though I have played piano for 15 years, it was not rigorous practice — and never competitively (except probably once in elementary school). I exchanged my time doing music with time doing academics. Now my fingers can’t move fast enough and I can’t fully play out my music interpretations.

Except that she told me she also thought of the same question before. The key is that you always have 30 minutes a day. Set up a metronome then just practice. You’ll improve regardless.

So I just came back from the first hour of piano practice in months.


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  1. I started learning piano since I was in high school(pretty late haha). I love piano and classical music so much that I’ve learned how to play piano by myself, eventually I can play my first song “Clair de lune,” I recognized those notes one by one, day by day, and I can really find myself growing little by little, so yes like you said, just practice!

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