@thecodehen – A hen who codes


Hi! I am a current junior at Harvard College joint concentrating in Computer Science and Neuroscience. I’m very interested in understanding and finding ways to mimic biological intelligence. For the past 6 years, I have been researching “what is intelligence?” Initially, I did research on animal behavior in middle school, but from high school on I mainly think in terms of a computational perspective — which is to use Reinforcement Learning (a subset of Machine Learning) [introductions here, here, and here] to create intelligence. It is the same technology behind AlphaGo, the algorithm that beat world champions in Go. But when faced with the real physical world, Reinforcement Learning doesn’t work quite yet. So there’s still a lot to learn from biology and that’s what I hope to do in college.

In addition, I am also interested in improving education (especially in Asia). As an international student from Taiwan, I went through local public schools for 12 years. Based on my experience, I think there is a lot of human capital that is not fully utilized. As an example, statistics show that more educated people in Taiwan have higher unemployment rates. It is also the same for India.

I love Dan Brown novels – The Lost Symbol is my favorite. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic series. In my free time, I swim and play the piano.